How to manage travel expenses when in Bulgaria

Let’s start with the main – coming from the West, you won’t actually believe how little money you need to spend a good time in the Balkan country. Opting for cheap holidays to Bulgaria is the first step to a budget-oriented summer break. Or why not a winter break – even if the ski vacation costs substantially more everywhere, it’s still much more affordable in Bulgaria. But let’s get back to the hot season before it’s gone.

The summer is just about to come


You might think that in August the summer is about to end soon but this year Bulgaria weather is unpredictable. The most of July was rainy inland and by the sea, there were also plenty of cloudy days but the temperatures were still favorable for a nice experience. So looking for cheap holiday places with picks in early September might occur to be a bulls-eye strike. Considering to go for the cheap holidays to Bulgaria, make sure to check the greatest deals provided by the most trusted agents in the region. Don’t pick just a random business which might be offered to you by some unreliable and unknown company or agent.


It’s probably useless to say that searching for the best value of accommodation you have to embark on package holidays to Bulgaria. The all-inclusive hotels in Golden Sands or Albena will deliver a great ratio of money spent on the quality and a Sunny Beach vacation might even neat those two resorts on these terms. Booking a room or an apartment of this type will save you a significant amount of money for food. With breakfast, lunch and dinner included in the price (which varies between 250 and 500 GBP depending on the date, the place, and the category) opting for package holidays to Bulgaria marks the first step of the proper management of the travel expenses during the summer vacation on the Balkans.


Watch out for the transport option


After the booking of cheap holidays to Bulgaria, you have to find an affordable flight – pick a plane to Varna if you stay in the north. For example, in Golden Sands or Albena. Bourgas is the airport you need to land at if you choose Nessebar, or Sunny Beach vacation, or any resort on the southern part of the Bulgarian coastline. The Balkan Holidays deals for travel to Bulgaria include except for the cheap holiday places also hold luggage of 20 kg per person and a free transfer from and to the airport. Avoid the alternatives liking picking up a taxi after the landing because it might ruin the idea of a budget-oriented vacation.


Be careful with the money exchange


It might not be easy to find Bulgarian Levs, the local currency, but don’t worry about this before your travel to Bulgaria. Bringing enough Euros, British pounds or US dollars will allow exchanging your money to BGN at the spot. But watch out carefully and don’t pick just a random exchange kiosk – you might be fooled by the small font at the bottom of the price list or by some other type of trickery. Ask at the desk of your hotel where is safe to change the currencies and sometimes you can do that at the place chosen by you for accommodation when looking for cheap holidays to Bulgaria.


But the travel to Bulgaria might not even demand so much cash since most of the hotels and restaurants accept VISA or MasterCard debit and credit cards. So you can withdraw money from the ATM too but get to know what are the fees for such operation. If you pick package holidays to Bulgaria, regardless of which resort – Golden Sands, or Nessebar, Albena or Sunny Beach vacation, you can bring up with you a moderate amount of cash – say it 200 GBP per person (or about 250 Euros), and in case you run out of it, you can always pay with card or withdraw money from the ATM.

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