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New Year in the USA

Category: Holidays in America - Date: (24-12-2011, 21:29)
New Year in the USA

New Year 2012
Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year 2013
Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year 2014
Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year 2015
Thursday, December 31, 2015

      New Year is one of the best holidays in the world. There are many traditions in these days and you must to know them, if you want to discover how to keep the American New Year traditions. American people enjoy and have fun on the New Year eve. Adults and children are eagerly wait for these celebrations. There are living many nations and different ethnic groups in America, that's why we can see different traditions.

The celebration of New Year

      The New Year is a public holiday and this day is red in the calendar. On the New Year eve people buy fireworks, gifts and cards.All Americans expect this holiday and wait for it all of the year.

      People think the scenario of providence of holiday, make different parties. They decorate their houses and streets with lanterns, flash lights and colored papers. The streets are crowded with youth and elderly people dressed fashionably to welcome the New Year with great joy.

American traditional dishes on New Year table

      On this holiday people lie the table and make some special menu, like these: the stuffed turkey (the turkey is made with bread, cheese, prunes, garlic, a string bean, mushrooms, apples, and cabbage); on a garnish for turkey are mashed potatoes, boiled grains of corn and Brussels sprout or a broccoli gammon. To a turkey often do cranberry sauce. The American people make an egg-wine cocktail with cream, it is the sweet drink prepared on the basis of crude eggs and milk.

      It is American custom on New Year to prepare special dinner with different cuisines to gather for family feasts.

      A special soul food with rice which is popularly called Hoppin' John is consumed with black eyed beans. During the party people also, have cakes and champagne which is considered very auspicious.

      In America the main attention addresses not on a gift, but on its packing - boxes and cases. America annually beats all records by quantity and cost of the sold greeting cards and Christmas gifts. That's why all people have good mood on the eve of New Year.

      There many funny activities in the USA on the eve of New Year. The Times Square in the New York City hosts several events which is hosted by the television celebrity Dick Clark. Many people love watching these programs broadcasted on the television with all their family and friends.

      American New Year is a very great and funny holiday.The customs are very colorful and entertaining event. At the stroke of midnight all the Americans shares kisses and express their New Year greetings.

Customs on New Year Eve

      In the United States, it is believed that black-eyed beans are very lucky.

      There is one more New Year tradition, but in the part of South America, there New Year is known as 'Ano Viego'. People create fake person or dummies and it is placed outside the home. This scarecrow looking toy is stuffed with waste papers and fire crackers. The dummy is dressed like human and it is believed that this symbolized last year.

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