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Taste of Chicago history

Category: Holidays in America - Date: (9-02-2012, 18:59)
Taste of Chicago history

Taste of Chicago dates:

Taste of Chicago 2012
Friday, June 29, 2012

Taste of Chicago 2013
Friday, June 28, 2013

Taste of Chicago 2014
Friday, June 27, 2014

Taste of Chicago 2015
Friday, June 26, 2015

Taste of Chicago times:

      The Taste of Chicago Festival is the largest culinary festival in the Midwest. It is held annually in Chicago (Illinois, USA) and lasts about 10 days. This holiday of food and music opens on the last Friday of June.

      The tradition of the "Taste of Chicago" was initiated in 1980 as a one-day festival on the U.S. Independence Day, July 4th, and sponsored by the city authorities. More than 250 thousand people arrived for the first holiday for gourmets. Since then the festival has been expanding geographically with every year.

      Today the "Taste of Chicago" - a 10-day large-scale and international event that attracts millions of fans of good food. The festival participants are representatives of the restaurant business from Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and other cities. Traditionally, the guests of the festival are not only Americans, but also many foreigners, as "Taste of Chicago" is considered one of the major tourist attractions of Illinois. More than 3 million people attend the event every year.

Taste of Chicago location:

      It’s an open-air festival that takes place in Grant Park in downtown Chicago. The park is crowded with colorful tents and awnings, where cooking and tasting various dishes is under way. The variety of foods presented at the festival is awesome - from ethnic to exotic. Every day, more than 70 city restaurants offer their best dishes here, both in the original and classical performance. And all this variety of culinary extravagances in one place can be partaken by visitors.

      Of course, guests of the festival, first of all, can get acquainted with the menu of Chicago restaurants and cafes: curry, guacamole, tacos, pizza in Chicago, Chicago hot dogs, Chicago barbecue, Ellis cheesecake, ice cream and various desserts. But also are well represented and the national cuisines of the world: Italian, Mexican, Irish, French, African, Chinese.

      It would be wrong to believe that the "Taste of Chicago" is a festival of fast food, although burgers and pizza are the most popular dishes; and mayonnaise and ketchup are the best-selling sauces. Gourmet vegetarians attending the feast have a large selection of brand-name dishes of vegetables and fruit from the best chefs as well.

      It’s worth noting that the restaurants representing their menu at the festival are well aware of the benefits they obtain by participating in this event, so in addition to cooking itself, they also conduct various master-classes where their chefs teach how to cook and serve miscellaneous Asian, European and American dishes.

      But the festival's program is not limited to tasting alone. In addition to it, the festival holds many cultural events. Ingesting and burning the consumed calories can be done right there participating in various competitions and dancing to live music of different styles. Many celebrities share there art on the main stage of the park during the festival. Among the performers of past years are Stevie Wonder, Sheryl Crow, LL Cool J, Elvis Costello and many others.

      Children and their parents have fun at the festival too. Organizers construct an entire Family Village with massive entertainments: games, contests, quizzes, dances and songs, carousel rides and funny clowns. Since the "Taste of Chicago" is closely interwoven with a very important for all Americans date – 4th of July, a gala concert and a awesome fireworks display is arranged on the eve of Independence Day – July 3 night.

      The Taste of Chicago festival is always full of fun and surprises for the guests. It is important to remember that attending it requires endurance and strong will power for you will have to resist the temptation to try all the delicious things there. But one thing is certain - no one has left the event feeling hungry or downcast so far!

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