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Facts about Easter Sunday

Category: Holidays in America - Date: (26-12-2011, 11:36)
Facts about Easter Sunday

Dating of Easter:

Easter 2012
Good Friday - April 6, 2012
Easter Sunday - April 8, 2012

Easter 2013
Good Friday - March 29, 2013
Easter Sunday - March 31, 2013

Easter 2014
Good Friday - March 21, 2014
Easter Sunday - March 23, 2014

Easter 2015
Good Friday - April 3, 2015
Easter Sunday - April 5, 2015

      The holiday is celebrated according to the religious beliefs of people. Easter and Christmas is a very important holiday for Christians and non-Christians in the United States. Christians perceive Good Friday, the day when Jesus Christ died and Easter Sunday in the day when He was resurrected.

      On the day of Good Friday in the states that recognize this holiday schools and businesses closed.

      Easter Day each year falls on a different date. To calculate the date on which Easter falls, requiring complex calculations are associated with the spring balance and the full moon. Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday after the first of church full moon, which is observed on March 21 or after.

Easter is a very important holiday in the USA

      Easter is an important holiday in the USA is explained by the fact that there are many Christians live. Christians truly believe that Jesus Christ rose from the dead on Easter, and that it differs from many religions. Without the existence of this day, the rest of the dogmas of the Christian faith does not matter.

      Good Friday is a holiday in the United States, marks the Day when Jesus Christ was killed. After he was killed during the three days he lay in the tomb, on the 3rd day he rises and comes to life and reveals himself to Mary and his disciples.

      Jesus Christ was resurrected on a Sunday this day is Easter. Throughout the Americas, the church holds services dedicated to the resurrection of Jesus Christ of the dead.

      Lent. During this time, people refuse some meal, entertainment, and bad way of thinking.

Facts about Easter Sunday

Activities of Easter

      Children wake up in the morning and find that the Easter Bunny has left them a basket with candy or eggs. Also Easter Bunny hides eggs around the house that the whole family to decorate before the holiday.

      The children all day hunting around the house and looking for hidden eggs. For Christians and non Christians, Easter have a lot of different events and celebrations. On Good Friday, most businesses are closed. In including schools, government offices and other places.

      Most Americans which have accepted the faith of Christians read religious texts. Tales are preached from each of the four Bibles, Luke, John, Mark and Matthew. To celebrate Easter, many Christians take part in church services, reading snatches from the Bible in church and at home, and spend a lot of time for prayer.

      Given the fact that Easter falls in the spring, most people get together for going outside in the beautiful weather.

      On Easter Sunday, Christians tend to take Communion. Communion is held with the participation of a priest, Christians give a piece of bread and drink grape juice or wine. Bread is the soul of Jesus Christ, the wine is His blood which was shed for the forgiveness of the world.

      Lunch with a family. This is an important point of the celebration of Easter. Easter dinner blessing can be heard in every home. Ham and lamb are essential foods of Easter lunch menu should be on the table. The same must be accompanied by the celebration of spring aromas, such as asparagus, lemon and fruit, strawberries and raspberries. Also people who sitting at the table use Easter dinner prayers.

      Easter egg hunts. This activity has become very popular in recent years. Gifts or candy, plastic eggs are placed in and hide them increasing in certain areas or at home. Children have to find them, it usually lasts a couple of events minutes before hours. This is a very funny thing for those who take part in it. The same event s hiding eggs is held annually in the white house is shown on TV.

      The Easter Bunny. This character appears in all the promotions on TV, in retail outlets. Easter Bunny job to cheer children across the United States. Easter Bunny handing out gifts to children, candy, and eggs. He usually dresses in a costume that looks like a big bunny. It is an integral part of Easter.

      Funny Easter poems. There are many poems about Easter. People say funny poems to each other in this way having fun.

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