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History of Martin Luther King Day

Category: Holidays in America - Date: (15-12-2011, 21:52)
History of Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King Day 2012
Monday, January 16, 2012

Martin Luther King Day 2013
Monday, January 21, 2013

Martin Luther King Day 2014
Monday, January 20, 2014

Martin Luther King Day 2015
Monday, January 19, 2015

      In recent years many young people want to know “Why do we celebrate Martin Luther King Day?” The answer can be found in this article. In 1968, a man named Martin Luther King Jr. was killed in Memphis, Tennessee in the USA. All people, including whites and blacks who fought for peace and civil rights were very impressed and angry. People were very disappointed at the death of a man who wanted to unite all mankind. In 1960, Martin Luther King was active in the movement for human rights.

      In 1963 he led a march on Washington, where he delivered a very well known "I Have a Dream" speech. Despite the fact that Martin Luther King was killed long ago, his heirs have remained active up to this day. From January 20, 1986 people began to celebrate the Martin Luther King Day in all the towns and cities of the USA. This is the first federal holiday dedicated to an African-American. Martin Luther King Day celebration is held on the third Monday in January.

Special activities

      In the years of his life, Martin Luther King Jr. was helping people who needed assistance in poverty stricken areas. To embody and continue King’s ideas organizations were created that engaged in this activity. To help develop MLK’s ideas, contact your local government office. There are some websites designed for these activities - On finding the site you can choose your region and see where and how you can help. In different states Martin Luther King Day may have a different name. In Arizona and New Hampshire it’s called Civil Right Day, although in Idaho it’s observed as Human Rights Day. In some states it is called as Robert E. Lee’s birthday.

Celebrating Martin Luther King Day

      The celebration takes place not only in America but in other countries, like Japan, where it is celebrated to commemorate those who fought for human rights and the right to nonviolent protests. In the U.S., the holiday is celebrated in every state. After his death, some states were opposed to the holiday. In 1986 a law was signed by President Ronald Reagan to establish a federal holiday commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday on the 3rd Monday of January. Today, only a few countries have adopted MLK holiday.

      There is a large number of monuments to Martin Luther King and one of the activities on this day is to attend a ceremony at one of them.One of the places where a special celebration takes place is King's alma mater, Morehouse University in Atlanta, Georgia. This event is sponsored by the family of Martin Luther King, as well as other leaders who fight for human rights.

      Another tradition observed on this day is performing Martin Luther King Day songs by many famous singers dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr.

      Martin Luther King Day crafts is the main activity for children.

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