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History of Halloween in America

Category: Holidays in America - Date: (11-12-2011, 21:50)
History of Halloween in America

Halloween 2012
Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2013
Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2014
Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2015
Saturday, October 31, 2015

      Halloween is one of several holidays that do not belong to family traditions. People celebrate this holiday at parties with friends.Halloween is celebrated on October, 31. The history of Halloween holiday in different countries may be different. The features that make Halloween very different are cobweb decorations, skeletons, jack-o-lanterns and lots of various costumes.
      On the night of October 31, children are getting ready for the holiday by preparing costumes. They can be costumes of the Princess, Spiderman, Superman, pirates, etc. Disguised as those characters, bag in hand, they go from house to house knocking on the door and shouting «Trick or Treat! » The neighbors give candies and other treats to the children, making comments on the costumes and trying to guess who it is.
Halloween is associated with evil spirits, witches, ghosts, black cats, skeletons, pumpkins and trick-or-treat costumes. Traditional Halloween color is black, due to the fact that the festival is held at night. Usually when the children gather at parties, they tell horror stories, in a low voice while everyone else is sitting by the bonfire and listening.

Halloween history and traditions

      The first memory of Halloween dates back to hundreds of years ago. The word Halloween, dressing up in costumes, can be found in 17th-century Scottish literature. The history of Halloween in America started in the early 1800s.

The most important element of the holiday is wearing costumes. They can be made by hand as well as bought at the store. In addition to wearing Halloween costumes, there are many other traditions:

      Bobbing for apples.This tradition of over two hundred years is not very relevant now and can be seen rather rarely.

      Carving pumpkins. Take a big, orange pumpkin, carve a face on one side of the pumpkin, and put a small candle inside to illuminate the facial contours.

      Visiting the haunted houses. In fact, houses with ghosts do not exist but the tradition lingers and people pay money for entering the building where actors, disguised as ghosts, scare people who dare walk inside.

      Horror films. A very popular pastime on Halloween is watching horror movies, associated with Halloween.

Halloween traditions in America are very miscellaneous in America's 50 states, and traditions may vary from state to state.

Halloween Celebrations in the United States

      Halloween is a very important holiday in America. People prepare very carefully for this event. Starting with the first week of October, a variety of Halloween related items are on sale throughout the USA.

      The less time remains till Halloween the more stores offer items for the holiday, such as costumes, makeup, fake fangs, and more. When Halloween shopping spree comes to an end, shops usually sell out all the things; if something remains it is stored until next Halloween. As Halloween themes and motifs linger unchanged from year to year, so what's left over can be easily sold next year.

      The main reason for Americans’ love of Halloween lies in the sense that it is relaxed and not at all binding. People often complain that such holidays as Christmas and Thanksgiving demand from you to call in guests and give presents. At Halloween nothing of the kind is required. No crowds on the streets, in supermarkets, shopping centers, except at night. Ticket prices are not expensive. All Americans just want a good time and neither prepare nor expect any presents.

      Halloween in different countries is not celebrated with so much vigor as in America.

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