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Christmas in USA

Category: Holidays in America - Date: (4-12-2011, 19:24)
Christmas in USA

Christmas Day 2012
Tuesday, December 25, 2012

      Oh Christmas Day! This day celebrated on December, 25 in the USA. It is a religion holiday and many churches have Christmas Eve services.
      All state buildings are closed in this time. Children don’t go to school and students don’t go to the universities. This is a family holiday and most children sing carols and trim their Christmas tree. American people send Christmas greeting to their relatives and friends. Parents hang up little candy canes for their children.

There are many customs in this Day, for example:

1) People try to came home for Christmas;
2) The use of mistletoe is a part of Christmas decoration that’s why kissing under the mistletoe originated in the USA. The custom was for a berry to be removed from the bough every time a girl was kissed under it. Then all the berries had been removed the kissing came to an end.

      The most interesting type of giving presents, when little children hang up their stockings on Christmas Eve.Santa ClausSanta Claus is the most famous mythical person. He come from the North Pole. There he has a toys fabric. Santa is a cheerful fat man whith long white beard and dressed in a read suit. Also Santa was called Nicholas and gave the gifts in ancient times. or parents can put to the stockings interesting gifts. There is one good history that Santa Claus comes down the chimney with a big bag of toys.
Housewife laid the table with delicious dishes and the main dish on the table is a traditional plum-pudding dessert. In every family stands the tree on the yard. This tree is decorated with electric lights and people go from house to house and sing “glad tidings”.
      The main colours in this holiday are red and green. The stores are decorated with this colours. There are many Santa Clauses on the streets. They ring the bells and welcome all people.

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