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César Chávez Day in United States

Category: Holidays in America - Date: (9-12-2014, 00:11)
César Chávez Day in United States

César Chávez Day in United States

      Every person has a date of birth. If this day became a holiday in 8 states of the country, there is no doubt that this person is a prominent one. The 31 of March is the Cesar Chavez's birthday and the official holiday in the United States.

Cesar Chavez information:

      This festival is dedicated to the memory of the outstanding fighter for the rights of workers and social workers Cesar Estrada Chavez, an American who grew up in a family of immigrants from Mexico, who was born near Yuma (Arizona) in 1927 (died April 23, 1993). This man was an American hero and a symbol of the struggle for social and civil rights of Mexican agricultural migrant workers. Holiday is the first in US history in honor of US human rights of Mexican origin. United States Postal Service issued a stamp with Chavez in 2004. Streets, schools and parks in America were named after this famous man.

      His efforts were primarily aimed at improving the status and working conditions of agricultural workers. His efforts weren’t in vane and proved that even one person can make a revolution.

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