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Facts about the American flag

Category: Holidays in America - Date: (3-12-2014, 20:50)
Facts about the American flag

The Day of the American Flag

      June 14 is well known as the Day of the American Flag – a national holiday in the USA, which take place annually long since. For American people it’s not an ordinary holiday but also a day of pride for their country, a day of patriotism and love for America and Americans. You can see the American well-known star-striped flag decorates almost all homes, enterprises and government offices.

      The American flag has changed many times during its history, depending on the number of states that were members of the Union. The Deputy from New Jersey Francis Hopkinson offered the design of the flag. This flag was famous in the history as the "Betsy Ross flag"- in honour of widow Elizabeth Ross who made it. Her small house in Philadelphia has now become a national museum. In September 1777, a new flag was first used in the battle.

      Washington himself explained the choice of flag: "We take the stars from heaven; red means the country from where we sailed; white stripes on red - a symbol that we have separated from it, but bands have to symbolize freedom of future generations." The red color also symbolizes valor, courage and diligence; White - purity, chastity, honesty, liberty; and blue - stability, loyalty, perseverance and justice. Stars symbolize sovereignty.

      The idea of celebration this feast, according to historical data, belongs to Bernard J. Cigrand. In 1885, he organized a solemn flag-raising ceremony in the schoolyard for students, instilling love to their country in the students’ hearts. The whole life he urged on American people to celebrate the "flag birthday" on June 14 when it has been legally confirm as the official state flag of the USA.

      There are enough American flag store in each city, where you can buy a flag. Officially, Flag Day is a working day. Only residents of Pennsylvania have a day off.

      One of the interesting facts about the American flag is that it cannot placed down unnecessarily because it is a symbol of disaster equals to generally accepted SOS. Nowadays, many countries celebrate National Flag Day.

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