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Constitution and Citizenship Day

Category: Holidays in America - Date: (29-03-2012, 17:49)
Constitution and Citizenship Day

Constitution and Citizenship Day 2012
Monday, September 17, 2012

Constitution and Citizenship Day 2013
Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Constitution and Citizenship Day 2014
Wednesday, Semtember 17, 2014

Constitution and Citizenship Day 2015
Thursday, September 17, 2015

Constitution Day and Citizenship Day

      In 2001, by the proclamation of U.S. President George W. Bush, September 17 was declared Constitution Day and Citizenship Day, and the week of September 17 through September 23 was designated as Constitution Week since 1955. Many U.S. citizens - both born in the United

      States and those who acquired U.S. citizenship, regardless of their nationality and religion celebrate this holiday, although it is not a public holiday.

      Historically, this day is significant due to the fact that on September 17, 1787, the first constitution in the world was adopted. It was signed by the delegates from 12 states of the U.S. Congress and was the first Constitution in the world with clearly defined human rights and freedoms.

      Prior to that moment the United States lived according to the Articles of Confederation.

      The first 10 amendments to the Constitution, known as Bill of Rights, were adopted by the first Congress in September 1789, and ratified in December 1791.

      In 1940, the Congress declared the third Sunday in May as Day of America, which was subsequently renamed to Constitution Day and transferred to September. Interestingly, the people of America, who kept celebrating it on the third Sunday of May, did not abandon this tradition.

      Each year, to help prepare for this holiday, U.S. Department of Education offers free lesson plans, mandates and recommendations for students. This day is observed with inspired speeches about the rights and honorable duties of every citizen.

      During the Constitution Week, the history of its creation and signing is studied at the lessons. Students read and quote passages from the Constitution. As a rule, well-to-do citizens make donations to charities.скачать dle 10.5фильмы бесплатно

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