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New Year in Great Britain

Category: Holidays in Great Britain - Date: (19-01-2015, 13:51)
New Year in Great Britain

New Year in Great Britain

      Winter holidays are coming ... Everybody has joyful mood, everybody preparing for coming of something magical. With the coming of the New Year London looks like the forest of sparkling trees because of the huge amount of lights, fireworks. Christmas trees are always decorated for New Year in Great Britain. British also decorate their homes with bouquets of mistletoe. Nevertheless, it is obvious to admit, that this holiday doesn’t like as much as Christmas, which is considered the main one.
According to the legend, all bad things that happened in the past need to burn that’s why the British organize torchlight processions. Then the new year will be happy and successful. With the first punch of clock, people open doors of their homes widely to let the year come in. When the clock strikes 12, the doors close. The happiness and prosperity at home depend on the first visitor. It must be a dark-haired man with a piece of charcoal and pine branches in hands. On the first day of the new year nothing, even trash cannot be out of the house.

      Englishmen celebrate the New Year without gifts; it does not also celebrated in a close family circle by everyone. Usually they cook apple pie on this day. Young people prefer to celebrate New Year's Eve with fun. They go to the New Year's parties. Many people are going to Piccadilly Circus or Trafalgar square.

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