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How to manage travel expenses when in Bulgaria

How to manage travel expenses when in Bulgaria

Let’s start with the main – coming from the West, you won’t actually believe how little money you need to spend a good time in the Balkan country. Opting for cheap holidays to Bulgaria is the first step to a budget-oriented summer break. Or why not a winter break – even if the ski vacation costs substantially more everywhere, it’s still much more affordable in Bulgaria. But let’s get back to the hot season before it’s gone.

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Best summer destinations in Bulgaria 2018

Best summer destinations in Bulgaria 2018

summer holidays in bulgaria 2018

A signature on a plate rather than well-hidden secret – this is what cheap holidays to Bulgaria look like to the foreign visitors. The affordable vacations have been continuously advertised by locals and through the tour operators’ channels. While cheap holiday places are to be found easily on the western coast of the Black Sea, adding a quality to the tempting price is guaranteed by serious business – Balkan Holidays, for example, operating in the area for more than a half-century.


Cheap doesn’t mean being treated cheaply


A compromise regarding the conditions is often linked with lower costs. Choosing the cheap holidays to Bulgaria actually would not harm the quality of the experience even of the stay in a seaside resort would require about a third of the amount that you’ll need to spend in Spain or Portugal. Picking a Sunny Beach vacation, for instance, will bring the best value for money summer deal according to the survey conducted by Post Office last year. The cheap holiday places are available in the leading Bulgarian village or complex on the Black Sea for 200 something pounds per person for a week – crazy figures, right?


Have in mind that the smallest numbers you would come around apply more probably to the self-catering type of accommodation. Being good with that, you have to cook yourself during your Sunny Beach vacation, or you need to buy food from outside and spending money in the restaurant. Considering package holidays to Bulgaria might turn to be a better deal in terms of saving your budget. The all-inclusive options are available in prominent resorts like Golden Sands, Albena, Nessebar, and Sozopol to name a few.


What time is recommended for travel to Bulgaria?


While the season is not as long as in the Mediterranean countries like Greece, Italy, and Spain, around a third of the year – from late-May to mid-September, looks good for a travel to Bulgaria. The highest demand for cheap holiday places occur expectedly in July and August but in late-June, the conditions in Bulgaria – weather, prices, crowds – seem to combine the best ratio all the way. Anytime you choose for your Sunny Beach vacation, or Golden Sands adventure, make sure to book well up-front. Early reservations make the cheap even cheaper. And the travel to Bulgaria can always surprise you in a good way with some non-advertized experience.